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Pipeline & Facility

  1. New Construction

  2. Civil Work

  3. Site Preparation and Maintenance

  4. Modifications, Upgrades & Expansions

  5. Project Management


  1. Damage Prevention

  2. Valve Surveys

  3. Hydro Testing

  4. Smart Pigging

  5. Anomaly Digs

  6. One Calls


  1. Pipeline & Facility Repairs

  2. Right Of Way Maintenance

  3. Emergency Call-Outs

  4. Disaster Clean Up
  5. Industrial Coating

Where We Perform Them

What Our Clients Are Saying

DOW Gulf Coast Pipeline

"I want to thank Vortech for supplying manpower and machinery to our project on short notice.  Your crews were very professional and prepared from the digging and welding to the final painting and interfaces.  Safety was never forced your guys knew what was expected and they completed the job with out being asked.  We hope to do more projects with you in the future."

Coastal Caverns

“No matter the scale, Vortech Contracting, Inc. dependably provides my midstream projects with quick-traction, experience, and repeatably successful outcomes, all while adhering to our industry’s highest safety standards and cost effectiveness, earning them status as my first-go-to partner.”

Energy Transfer

“We greatly appreciate all Vortech Contracting does to partner with us on awarded projects. They are a tier-one contractor that we value due to their efficiency, as well as their commitment to quality and to safety” …  

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