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Covid-19 Information

March 16, 2020


Dear Valued Vortech staff: 


We are providing this bulletin to inform you of the actions we are taking as a company in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.   As situations continue to evolve, we will continue to communicate changes and expectations to you. 


Your health and safety are paramount as it always has been.   Even more so now with the impact of this pandemic and the speed that it is spreading across our world.   We support our governmental guidelines and will monitor all guidance.  


The following are steps we must all take effective immediately:


  • Please continue to stay informed by reviewing or local notices, and please update our core staff of any communication shared by our clients and vendors.

  • We must keep our offices and field sites clean and our staff healthy. Keeping your hands cleaned throughout the day, staying at least 6 feet from others, and staying home if you are sick are key steps we must adhere to.

  • All field sites will have hand washing stations, and all staff are required to keep hands cleaned by washing them hourly.

  • Report all illnesses timely and avoid people who are sneezing and coughing when you can.

  • Our office staff will take extra steps to clean our office, in addition to what our night crew does, such as cleaning door handles, phones and other items at least every 4 hours.

  • Please refrain from large group meetings, travel, attending functions like luncheons and movies, or anything that will put into a room with over 10 people. Please elevate your use of conference calls and Microsoft Teams video conferencing. This includes all employees bringing your lunch to work to avoid going to group lunches.

  • Social distancing must be our new norm, including no handshaking.

  • Business continuity plans that identify essential and non-essential employees in the event of a mandated employee self-containment are being considered. At this time, no hourly employees are to report to the office – We will send our communications through our leadership team for work assignments, and the staff will report directly to field sites.

  • All employees have been notified to bring laptops home daily in case working from home is needed if they become ill, or if work from home protocols are implemented.

  • Vortech Contracting Corporate Office is currently not accepting any new applications in person, or any solicitation from outside parties. Please use alternative means of communication for meetings or scheduled events.


We value all you do for our clients and our community, and we must do all we can to be effective during these difficult times, which includes being transparent with our actions and the proactive steps we are taking on a daily basis. 




Vortech Leadership

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