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Meet The Owners

Meet the owners

Frank has 37 years of experience in our industry.  His success has been earned as exemplified from his level of service at all levels of the hierarchy while working for 3 highly respected gas companies.


He takes pride in having his primary focus being on servicing his clients.  The level of effort he makes to keep good relationships with his family, clients and co-workers will always be his trademark.  Our Company is built around those solid relationships.

Craig has a wealth of experience in the oil and gas industry.  His 24 years of pipeline rehabilitation, repair and construction experience, as well as his 16 years of Director experience inside of the fences, makes him an asset to any organization.

He is known for his service-oriented nature, and his ability to secure desired results. His honesty and loyalty make him respected amongst his peers.  He transitioned into our Company in 2015 and has made an impact due to his relationships with companies in Southeast Texas.

Vortech Contracting was established in 2003 and has been a minority-owned business since 2014.   We specialize in new construction, compliance and maintenance, and we perform our responsibilities according to our pillars of quality and safety.  We value our co-workers and how effective they are, as exemplified by our results, our ratings and our tier-one contractor status.   Our successes stem from the strong relationships we have developed with our clients over the last three decades. 


Our owners have a wealth of experience in construction, project management, risk management, leadership and results-based solutions.  We are fortunate to have high performing superintendents who fully understand their roles and who can lead, manage and develop team members.   Our primary focus is safety, so adherence to our Safety Manual is paramount and is discussed with our Safety Board meetings with our safety partner and our knowledgeable clinician.   Our Risk Manager works hard to solidify our processes and procedures, and routinely monitors our company results. 

Steve graduated from Lamar University, and his experience in Finance and Accounting has benefited our company.  We value his 26 years' experience in Leadership, Risk Management and Financial Planning.

He is known for his conservative nature and for having a safety-oriented mindset.  Steve's CPCU and AIC designations enable him to work closely with our bank, attorney, agent and consultant.  His dashboards and processes exemplify the level of structure he brings to our team. 

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