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About Us


Vortech Contracting, Inc was established in 2003 and has been a minority-owned business since 2014. We are a General Contractor in the Oil and Gas Industry and specialize in New Construction, Compliance, and Maintenance. We perform our responsibilities according to our Core Values which play a major factor in determining our success.

You can find our Corporate Office at 42408 I-10 E Winnie, TX 77665 where our leadership team directs company operations and our operations team executes key processes safely and efficiently. Located on our property is a Fabrication Shop and Lay Down Yard. If you are visiting any Vortech site or facility it is vital you adhere to all safety standards at all times.

Core Values

Core Values


Safety is more than a word. It's a responsibility. We have a responsibility to ensure our staff, clients, and communities are safe. Safety is first and paramount to success. Vortech Contracting, Inc is committed to Safety. Safety Planning and Risk Analysis are found at every point of our Project Plans and each Task our staff complete. We cannot operate in alignment with our other Core values if we are not operating in a Safe manner.


Integrity is trust and honesty. To operate a successful business you must be able to trust your co-workers and you must be honest when something isn't working. Integrity is following our policies and principles even when no one else is around to observe. Integrity is admitting fault when applicable in a hope to better understand the issues and improve as a whole. Vortech is committed to being a company of principles that our Clients and Staff can depend on.


No Company is perfect. Yet it is the consistent strive for perfection that will determine Excellence. We work to remove statements such as "We've always done it this way." and instead ask ourselves "Is there a better way to do this that more aligns with our Core Values?" At Vortech good is not good enough. Done Safely, With Integrity, and Communicated Properly we work to achieve Excellence.


Having Values, Plans, Policies, and Goals become devoid of meaning if we cannot communicate properly to our staff and clients. America finds greatness in diversity and with that diversity comes complex systems of communication and learning. From Systems, to Documents, to Language Barriers, Vortech is committed to successful communication on all levels.

Leadership Team


Frank Abalos

Chief Executive Officer


Steve Abalos

Chief Financial Officer


Craig Wing

Chief Operations Officer

Leadership Team
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